between coming and going 2016
6 November 2016

Clay Intersections at the Australian Design Centre, Sydney, Australia.
Curator Cath Fogarty presented the work of eight contemporary makers who take a range of innovative approaches to making and working with clay.

Between coming and going 2016
height 21cm

tania rollond_clay intersections group_2016

‘Clay Intersections’ group 2016
stoneware and porcelain
height 25 cm

tania rollond_clay intersections vases_2016

‘Clay Intersections’ vases 2016
stoneware and porcelain
height 21 cm

tania rollond_clay intersections_group2_2016

‘Clay Intersections’ group 2016
stoneware and porcelain
height 13 cm

artist statement
between going and staying, 2017

Intrigued by the possibility of one thing becoming another, and images or objects on the border between legibility and abstraction, I make visual puzzles. My forms and surfaces collapse elements from the physical, remembered, and imagined worlds into one another – hints of a roofline or a table can be partly teased out, but remain ambiguous. These are drawings about perception, in which my aim is to capture or even create a feeling of uncertainty, a situation which is irresolvable.
In this series, it is the end of autumn, at dusk. It is the moment of Octavio Paz’s poem ‘Between Going and Staying’ where “all is visible and all elusive”. My eye drifts, the mind sifts, and memories become objects.


This video about Tania Rollond was produced by Cath Fogarty and the Australian Design Centre for Clay Intersections.